Peter King Architect Ltd

Grovewood, Chorleywood

In 2013 Peter King was invited to prepare plans for extension alteration and general refurbishment works of this detached 1920s property in Chorleywood. Our clients were looking to reinvent their home and link their lives to their enormous wooded triangular garden. With a further desire for their house to embody their energetic lifestyle and upbeat attitude to life.

The client initially appointed another architectural firm to prepare design proposals. However following a planning failure and some exasperation they asked Peter King to take on the project. As is so often the case hindsight and a planning refusal can often open new opportunities and possibilities and within 3 months we had obtained planning consent for a single storey rear extension 14.5 metres wide and 8.5metres deep. An additional first floor Master bedroom suite hovers above incorporating large patent glazed rooflights in the cat-slide elements thus allowing light deep into the plan.

This Dramatic kitchen Family Dining space seamlessly connects with the garden and woodland.

The existing building is left largely unaltered structurally other than a thorough refurbishment and a subtle reinvention of the entrance, which incorporates a large triangular window and a fully glazed sidewall adjacent to the front door.

The peculiarities of the triangular plot means that other than the refenestration of the front elevation the extent of the property is completely hidden and only revealed on entering the house. The ultimate Tardis.

Project Details

Engineers: RWA Consulting
Contractor: Jim Collins Fernwood Construction