Peter King Architect Ltd

Newlands Ave, Radlett

In 2013 Peter King was invited to prepare plans for extension alteration and general refurbishment works of this detached 1920s property in Radlett.

Our clients were looking for a new home that incorporated both modern and traditional elements reflecting their modern design preference whilst presenting a neighbourly form in the streetscape.

The constraints inherent with the extension and alteration approach ultimately lead us to move towards demolishing the existing property and rebuilding a new dwelling whilst retaining the central gabled form of the existing entrance.

By exploiting the sub floor voids in the existing building it became possible to create a main entrance on a quarter landing and floor to ceiling heights of three metres on the lower ground floor.

The existing entrance point is retained and becomes a front and top lit centralised triple height void containing the main circulation routes that are articulated as glass internal balconies.

This creates a busy and dramatic sequence of uplifting and linked vertical spaces.

The vertical emphasis of the entrance hall extends as far as the main doors to the Kitchen Family dining room at which point a glance skyward reveals the central glass rooflight nine metres above. This is read through the oak flights of the first to second floor stairwell which appear to hang in this vertical tunnel of space.

On entering the main reception space the emphasis dramatically changes to the horizontal. A set of six 2.5metre square sliding doors reveal the mature garden as a backdrop to family life.

Project Details

Engineers: MWD Design
Contractor: Premier Construction